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Smart Swimwear RoDasoleil Cyprus

☀️Safe and smooth tan
☀️No tan traces
☀️Protection from Sunburns
☀️Swimsuits with SPF 35
☀️Sunscreen substitute
☀️Dries up in mins
☀️For adults & kids

Why Smart Swimwear?

Thousands of tiny pores are interlaced throughout the fabric and allow the sun’s rays to pass through. This feature allows smart swimsuits to offer the same level of sun protection as medium SPF sunscreen. At the same we design our swimsuits that way so they visually create a dense fabric effect meaning so they are not see-through.

Compared to its typical competitors, this fabric feels more pleasant against the skin, lets the skin breathe, and dries up fast. You can spent more time on the beach because there won’t be any pain or redness, and your skin won’t burn. 

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