Even tan with no tan lines

Enjoy worry-free sun protection while reducing your impact on the ocean. Our swimsuits allow for 70% of UV rays to pass through, providing adequate defense against sunburns. Our models are designed to provide coverage for sensitive skin areas, including the neckline, arms, and shoulders, which are often prone to sunburn.

Save The Planet

Each swimsuit made by RoDaSoleil replaces several bottles of sunscreen cream. While the amount may seem not so significant, in the larger scale it is capable of making a difference. Having in mind that every year Planet Earth is exposed to the quantity of around 10000 tons of sunscreen lotions only by water, every bottle that could be done without counts.

Similarly, our skin – the largest organ of our body – absorbs about two kilograms of chemicals a year from various cosmetics products. High concentration of the same oxybenzone and octyl methoxycinnamate in blood is one of the causes of cell damage and skin cancer.

Protect Your Little Ones

It is much easier to protect the delicate skin of your child with a durable swimsuit than with the repetitive application of a harmful cream.

Smart swimwear with long sleeves, and in some models a hood, protect the sensitive skin of shoulders and neck that are most exposed to the sunlight. Nevertheless, the swimsuits do not block the UV rays entirely, therefore the absorption of vitamin D is not disturbed.

Even tan without stripes from swimwear

Made of quality breathable fabric

Longevity: does not fade or lose color

Safe and reliable sunscreen substitute

Slows down the process of photo-aging

Maximum comfort: dries up in minutes